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No Mas Sangre 20” Texas limestone 20"

Art Studios in Guanajuato, México and Austin, Texas

My patrons interact with me and my artwork through private visits, private sales and yearly Austin Studio tour held the first two weekends in November. I hold open gallery hours and sculpture tours at various times during the year as well. Contact me for info at or 512 788-1862. Professional courtesies extended. As an artist I pour my energy into creating unique, varied and meaningful artwork worthy of living in public spaces, homes and gardens and as my patrons will attest, make pieces that become members of their art families. I create art in studios in SW Austin,Tex area and in Guanajuato, Mx.
 My SW Austin studio has two focuses. In the sculpture garden you will experience a rich display of larger scale and garden sculptures carved mostly in marble and limestone. Then in the small onsite gallery you will find an intriguing collection of contemporary and expressionist sculptures, many carved in colorful marbles and alabasters from around the world.  My second studio is perched on a rooftop high in the mountains of central México, is my special place for playful experimentations with mixed medias, block printing, paintings and tiny "Palm of Your Hand Art" talisman carvings of goddess and spirit animal figurines. These works bear a distinctive visual bend toward the colorful, playful yet oftentimes evocative Mexican folkart of my roots.  


 Keep track of newest art or see art being made on my Instagram page or on YouTube.   Follow information on the Austin Studio Tour sponsor Big Medium

Con Talleres en Texas y Guanajuato

Como artista, vierto mi energía en crear obras únicas, variadas y significativas que sean dignas de vivir en espacios público, hogares y jardines. Que mi arte pueda invocar una sonrisa en la cara de alguien o una lágrima en sus ojos significa que que mi misión por despertar el alma y evocar la emociòn se ha logrado  Mi taller en el suroeste de Austin tiene dos enfoques.  En el jardín de esculturas serás ser capaz de apreciar una exposición rica de esculturas de gran escala y esculturas de al jardín, la majordìa en mármol y caliza. En la galleria pequeña insitu, encontrarás una colección intrigante compuesta de esculturas contemporáneas y expresionismos muchas talladas de mármol y alabastro coloridos del todo el mundo.  Mi otro taller está perchado en un techo alto en un cerro de México central.  Aquí es mi lugar especial para experimentar con obras divertidas y culturales con arte mixta. Mi arte incluye esculturas, grabado, pinturas y obras que se llaman "Para laPalma de tu Mano" que son talismanes de diosas y animales espirituales.  
Este tipo de obra de el arte lleva una mezcla visual hacia lo colorido y juguetón pero con frecuencia evocador al arte popular de México y de mis raíces.

Just being able to hold or touch a hand carved or hand built work of art daily can stir your heart.
Some of these sculptures are small goddesses, animals, masks and fanciful figurines while others are "ofrendes" specific to home altar displays.


Art clay. Hand built one at a time in my Guanajuato art studio from locally sourced clays.

Clay Goddesses 

Most loved series. Small clay goddesses. All done one by one. A Venus for the heart and hearth. 

Painted Goddesses

Clay works like a tiny Venus sometimes beg to be painted up.

Icon Art

Painted clay mini jaguar mask to hang of for an art altar.

Messo-Clay Masks

Animal Spirit masks inspired by the works of my ancestors but still alive today

Offering Vessels

All unique artclay additions to home altars and collection. Hand built one at a time in my Guanajuato art studio from locally sourced clays.

What is my Story.  What is my Journey

We all have different ways to grow and learn. As an artist, my way is through the making of art. My journey to connect to my Mexican culture is experiential with spending time living in Mexico. This immersion feeds my Mexican roots like no textbook alone would be able to do. By awakening my birthright, I find myself able to channel and create heritage inspired art on a level that no other process would be able to achieve. I invite you to join me on this cultural path. I hope my story and my art will inspire you.

¿Qué es mi Historia?   ¿Qué es mi Camino?

Tenemos maneras distintas para crecer y aprender.  Como artista, mi camino es a través de la creación del arte. Mi camino para conectar con mi cultura mexicana es experimental por vivir en méxico. Con esta inmersión puedo alimentar mis raíces mexicanas. Algo que los libros no podrían hacer si solos. Por despertar mi derecho de nacimiento puedo canalizar y crear el arte herencia a un nivel que ningún proceso sería capaz de alcanzar. Les invito a acompañarme en este camino cultural. Espero que mi historia y mi arte pueda inspirarlos.  

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24" Cream Limestone
500 lbs (base optional)

Cupid's Folly

25" Yule Marble


24" Cream Limestone 
500 lbs  (optional base)




Limestone (Sold)

Blue Eyed Bear

Limestone (Sold)

Gallery Sculptures. Go to Inventory Page for More

Miss Olive my studio pup

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