Stone Carver Cat

Where Art meets Life. 

Art Studios in Guanajuato, México and Austin, Texas

Impactful art comes from livin' large, embracing and soaking up EVERYTHING,,,, TODO!  I translate my adventures in this journey we call life into meaningful artwork worthy of living in your home or garden.  Because "mi arte es tú arte"  (my artwork is your artwork).

A complete photogallery of available artwork is underway here to debut soon.

Mini Gallery in Austin, Texas area within Cat's Sculpture Garden
Rooftop Studio in Guanaluato, Guanajuato, Mx

Outdoor Sculptures Large and Small

Patience cupcakes. The Cat is actively working on a full photo gallery that will be more fun than a January seed catalog in the mail... soon.

Paintings, Lino Prints & More

Find My Artwork

Art For the People Gallery.  Austin, Texas

1711 S. 1st Street

Austin, TX 78704

Absolutely one of the most fanciful, unstuffy and fun art galleries in all of Austin.  Art for the people has an array of my sculptures on display but can also make any of my inventory available to you.

Email: Lynnie the Creative Director

1711 S. 1st Street, Austin, Texas 78704

Sculpture Garden and Art Studio. Austin Texas

This south austin area art studio is a home based where "living with art" is evident everywhere on the grounds.  Large scale sculpture is displayed in a series of art garden courtyard.
Visitors & groups welcome by appointment . email artist Cat Quintanilla at:
to schedule a visit

Clever Hand Artists Group 

We join forces to bring delightful hand-made items to your life.
Mark your calendars for our next event:

NOV. 6-7 & 13-14   12-6pm  

Clever Hand Artists, an unapologetic collective of art makers, create joyful
and affordable hand hone sculpture, jewelry, leather and paper art.
Preview our artistic goodies at:
We Are Participants of
The Austin Studio Tour '21
At Cat's Sculpture Garden
43 Pillow Rd, Austin, Tx 78745
 Free parking  Free gift bags  
Live art making demos noon & 4pm  
Shop our Central Texas Outdoor Art Studio and meet our lively artisans.
Masking & hand sanitizing required, because we care & we know you do too.
Gallery representative: 
Art For the people gallery
in South Austin, Texas 
ph. 1 (512) 761-4708

1711 S. 1st. St, Austin, Tx 78704

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