Cat Quintanilla

 As an artist I pour my energy into creating unique, varied and meaningful artwork worthy of living in public spaces, homes and gardens. That my art can bring a smile to someone's face or a tear to their eye means my mission to stir a soul and evoke an emotion has been accomplished.  

My SW Austin studio has two focuses. In the sculpture garden you will experience a rich display of larger scale and garden sculptures carved mostly in marble and limestone. Then in the small onsite gallery you will find an intriguing collection of contemporary and expressionist sculptures, many carved in colorful marbles and alabasters from around the world.  My second studio is perched on a rooftop high in the mountains of central México, is my special place for playful experimentations with mixed medias, block printing, paintings and tiny "personal" talisman carvings of goddess and spirit animal figurines. These works bear a distinctive visual bend toward the colorful, playful yet oftentimes evocative Mexican folkart of my roots